Incubation Model

Incubation model made by Incubie IPB is supported by four pillars of stakeholders, technology, network and human resources. The incubation process consists of three stages of pre-incubation, incubation, and post-incubation. Pre-incubation activities include tenant selection and promotion. Incubation activities are divided into three stages, namely the early stages, development, and advanced stages. The entire incubation process is carried out for a maximum of three years. Initial incubation activities include technical and management training, business legality, business plan drafting, production trials, and market trials. Incubation activities of the development stage include initial production, product marketing, IPR submission, standardization of production process, and product certification. Advanced incubation activities include commercial production, market expansion, increased production efficiency and business management, and networking. Post-incubation activities include the development of national and international business networks.

In addition to being supported by reliable incubator human resources, the incubation process is supported by stakeholders in funding issues, market access, technology access, business licensing access and product certification, resource persons, mentors, and other supportive facilities and services.