IAIN Palopo visited IPB Business Incubator (IncuBie)

The Institute of Research and Community Service received a comparative study from the Faculty of Economics and Islamic Business, Palopo State Islamic Institute, South Sulawesi on April 16-17, 2018. The visit was represented by Vice Dean for Student Affairs and Cooperation, Kaprodi Manajemen Bisnis Syariah, Kaprodi Perbankan Shari’ah, and Kaprodi Ekonomi Syariah. The presence of the team from IAIN Palopo is continued by the LPPM IPB team, namely the Deputy Head of LPPM IPB for Community Service (Prof. Dr. Sugeng Heri Suseno, S.Pi., M.Si), Head of the Incubator Business and Entrepreneurship Development Center (IncuBie) LPPM IPB ( Dr. Ir. Rokhani Hasbullah, M.Si), Head of Division and Training of IncuBie LPPM IPB (Dr. Mala Nurilmala), Head of Administration of LPPM IPB (Astridina, S.Sos., MM), Head of Program Affairs LPPM IPB (Ony Lusiantary, SS), Head of Data and Information System of LPPM IPB (Lia Maulianawati, A.Ma), Head of Umun Affairs (Makki Furqon).

In the discussion on a comparative study conducted on April 16, 2018 at the IPB Meeting Room of LPPM IPB, IAIN Palopo Team submitted the intent and purpose to review the business incubator appeal in order to increase the IAIN Palopo Islamic Youth and Business Institution (FEBI). In celebrating the delivered, Dr. Ir. Rokhani revealed one of the incuBie role of LPPM IPB is to incubate start-up entrepreneurs based on technology in the field of agribusiness and agro-industry. He also conveyed the transfer of technology from the role of government and universities in the development of UMKM to become an industry.

In addition to the discussions, the IAIN Palopo team had the opportunity to visit IncuBie LPPM IPB tenant, visit to the processing place of brownie flour taro (Mr. Brownco) in Dramaga and visit to various processed honey (CV Madu Apriari) in Cibubur which is UMKM Binangan IncuBie. With the implementation of the comparative study, the IAIN Team can adopt the business development model in agribusiness and agroindustry that has been done by LPPM IPB.



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