IncuBie Participate in PPBT Business Camp 2018 Activities

A total of five proposals of Technology-Based Beginning Enterprise (PPBT) from Tenant Center for Incubator Business and Entrepreneurship Development (incuBie) LPPM IPB successfully escaped and funded Kemenristek Dikti 2018. The five tenants are (1) Gema Sukmawati (Helm Green Composite), (2) ) Inna Dinovita (Saesha Mask), (3) Reza Prasetya (Sanlife Greentea Latte), (4) Axel Nathaniel (Pempek Hijabers Flour), and (5) Ryan Fachrozan (Seaweed Cosmetics). Incubie IPB prepared five companions for each tenant, respectively (1) Fikri Azali Faisal Syaf, (2) Muhammad Alfian, (3) Deva Primadia Almada, (4) Annisa Nurul Koesmarini, and (5) Asna Jauhari.

The PPBT program aims to foster innovative start-ups and enhance the role of technological business incubators in the incubation process, through incentive funding support. Stages of PPBT activities include tenant business, incubation / tenant assistance by incubator, Innovator Innovation Indonesia Expo (I3E) exhibition, National Technology Day (Hateknas) exhibition, Capacity Building, Business Matching, and Monev.

The 2018 PPBT program series begins with PPBT Business Camp 2018 which is attended by all PPBT participants as many as 143 entrepreneurs and 143 tenant companions from the Institute of Business Incubator of Higher Education (PTN / PTS) throughout Indonesia. This activity is held for 6 days (9-14 April 2018) held at Mercure Hotel, Ancol, Jakarta. PPBT Business Camp 2018 was officially opened by Menristek-Dikti (Prof.H. Muhammad Nasir, Phd, AK). In his speech, Minister of Research and Technology hopes that all PPBT participants will grow innovative companies or industries that are competitive in national and international scale.

The Business Camp activities aim to improve the capacity of tenant human resources and counselors in developing business, and incubating tenants. In business camp activities, tenants and companions are provided with materials ranging from business communications, start-up funding, business plans, branding, good incubation practices, coaching, talk shows success story tenants, and others. Two IncuBie tenants who were alumni of PPBT participants in the previous year had the opportunity to share their business experience in Success Story sessions. They are Ardiansah Febriantoko (Healthy Sweet) and Edgina Burton (Kefir Kefir variety).

The focus of IncuBie’s mentoring activities to tenants includes production and product development, business and HR management, business plan preparation, business legality and product certification, financial and market facilitation, business matching, exhibitions and more. After following the incubation process, it is expected that the tenants will grow, be independent and energize. Hopefully the Kemenristek-Dikti PPBT program can continue in the coming years so that more and more innovative start-ups will grow and develop into middle-class companies and become Unicorn companies / industries.

Tenant and Companion of IncuBie IPB in PPBT Business Camp 2018

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