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Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship Incubator Center (IncuBie) LPPM IPB is a research center in the scope of IPB that has a mission to serve and assist the development of small business in the field of agribusiness and agroindustry in order to become a tough, independent and able to grow to the middle business.

In each of its activities, IncuBie LPPM IPB conducts study on the concept of entrepreneurship development program through training, mentoring for SME partners in the production process, access to business and financial resources, services and public facilities, and expansion of product marketing for the development of partner business targeted.

IAIN Palopo visited IPB Business Incubator (IncuBie)

The Institute of Research and Community Service received a comparative study from the Faculty of Economics and Islamic Business, Palopo State Islamic Institute, South Sulawesi on April 16-17, 2018. The visit was represented by Vice Dean for Student Affairs and ...
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IncuBie Participate in PPBT Business Camp 2018 Activities

A total of five proposals of Technology-Based Beginning Enterprise (PPBT) from Tenant Center for Incubator Business and Entrepreneurship Development (incuBie) LPPM IPB successfully escaped and funded Kemenristek Dikti 2018. The five tenants are (1) Gema Sukmawati (Helm Green Composite), (2) ...
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Benefit (Benefit) can be felt directly by UMKM partner built by IncuBie LPPM IPB

Room & Equipment Facilities

Increased Production Capability

Improved Business Management

Marketing Improvement



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